I still remember the Spider-Man shaving kit my dad got for me when I was about 3 years old. There wasn’t a real razor but I “Shaved” almost every morning. I have been trying to grow a mustache that good for about 24 years now and still haven’t succeeded.

My Dad and I 22 Years ago

This Father’s Day I met up with the SoCal Honda Dealers at Griffith Park to help some Dads out with their grooming needs on this special day.


The Helpful Honda Guys in Blue were giving away complimentary straight razor shaves and clean-ups to all the Dads at the park.  Bolt Barbers were on hand providing the grooming expertise.


My beard was in desperate need of a touch up so I decided to jump in the chair.


After all was said and done there was even a complimentary 5 minute massage.  Talk about full service!


Before the event I was familiar with the Random Acts of Helpfulness campaign, but while I was there I was blown away by the genuine passion there was for helping people.  Everyone was so nice and, dare I say, helpful.  While talking with some of the organizers I learned about all the things the Helpful Honda People do for the Southern California community.  Everything from free gas or ice cream to helping individuals who need a helping hand.  It was truly an honor to be a part of this event and see the looks on all the Father’s faces after they came out of the chair and looked in the mirror.

Follow the SoCal Honda Dealers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to hear about more Random Acts of Helpfulness!

Dad getting the special treatment on Father’s Day.
Looking much better after my clean up.


Bye bye beardy.

Written by atlasandmason

Email Me: George@atlasandmason.com

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