Winter has a different meaning in Los Angeles.  Where I grew up back east winter means 3 feet of snow and below zero temperatures.  In LA anything below 60 is winter weather.  As much as I’d like to wear peacoats and overcoats once in a while I do not miss the cold.  I have resorted to building a “winter” wardrobe for these LA winters.DSC_5469-X3.jpgVests, sweaters, and light jackets are about as heavy as you need here in LA.  This vest from Jeremiah is perfect for cutting through those brisk 60 degree days.DSC_5538-X3.jpgWith no snow you don’t need thick waterproof boots.  Maybe some warm socks at best.  Your shoe wardrobe is good all year long in LA.DSC_5552-X3.jpgWhat I’m Wearing
Vest, Shirt, Pants – Jeremiah
Shoes – BedStu
Watch – Tokyobay
Sunglasses – PersolDSC_5571-X3.jpgI do miss snow every once in a while but thats why I visit my family back east every winter for a week or two.  Shout out to all my friends back east, hang in there only a few months left.DSC_5584-X3.jpg

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