Recently I had the pleasure of designing a few ties and accessories in collaboration with my other venture Gent’s Lounge and our friends Weekend Casual.  When designing the pieces I really thought about why my favorite pieces in my closet were my favorites.  I realized they all had one thing in common, subtle boldness.  What I mean by this is a piece that makes a bold statement but only up close or after multiple looks.  I have listed some examples below using pieces from the collection. Which can be found HERE.

Paisley Polka Dot:

From a distance this looks like a standard polka dot tie but we decided to give it a little flair up close and use mini paisley motifs as the dots.


Knit Tie:

This may look like your standard knit tie but we have some issues with your “standard” knit ties. We noticed when we are wearing knit ties they always tend to be a light weave and constantly twist and turn in the wind.  So we went with a thicker knit and a little wider of a tie to give it some stability and make a statement.  And the pocket square, well just have a look at it unfolded.


Our Solids:

Once again this may look like a standard solid tie but up close in the hand feel is where the subtle boldness comes in.  We went with a wool silk blend that gives a similar hand feel to cashmere without the price tag of cashmere.


Also on the bottom we embroidered the GL logo for that subtle pop.


The King:

I think you’re catching on to the theme by now. Classy, sophisticated from a distance. But……


Up close you see the subtle details that will set you apart without making you stand out.


See the full collection HERE!

Comment your favorites below!

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